Did you and your teenager have that talk yet?

... about the consequences of taking so much good stuff for granted? Or is it your teenager that needs to have that talk with you?

Are you waiting for ME to make a start?

Well, newsflash: I HAVE started! C'mon, catch up!

The demand originates from YOU!

Adjust your demand to the laws you call for.

Change the Game of More!

Make it the Game of Common Good!

We have 8000 years of written history.

Stop tinkering with PBL (problem based learning)!

The Bible says: Reshape your wealth accumulating AI...

...into learning-from-history-tools.

We have to aim at saving the universe...

...then we might just save the tree tops.

First out - last in!

Run out of space? You don't need to expand your closet or toy store or road net or airport or whatever. Get rid of some of the stuff first, THEN there is space to move around again, or even to take in new items.

Försök anpassa efterfrågan till de lagar du kräver.

Du kan nog aldrig göra det så som jag gjorde det.

Eller, kan du??

Try adjust your demands to the laws you call for.

You could never do it the way I did.

Or, can you??

Versuche, deine Nachfrage den Gesetzen anzupassen, die du verlangst.

Du kannst es bestimmt nicht so gut, wie ich.