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Shopping Strike Saturday

Background: Followers of Thunberg's school strike initiative sit in front of the Swedish Parliament from 8 am to 3 pm every Friday and call for political leaders to implement laws that are good for the future.

As adults it is our duty to support our children with the decisions they make for their future. Support means lending them a hand where they are not yet fit to do it all by them selves. Support means also enhancing their talents with advice.

Solution: My advice is: turn the game around, do not solely demand letters of law from the government, but do demand action alongside the meaning of laws by corporations. My physical help is joining the strike movement and extending it to stare corporations and their clueless victims in the eye.

Hence I have decided to sit outside an obscenly huge shopping mall in Solna, Stockholm, from 11 am to 6 pm every Saturday from now on and call for corporations to act not only by the letter of a good law, but also by the meaning of it.

I hereby invite all shoppers and non-shoppers to join me (and punch in during those Saturdays that I actually have to be at work). Do it in your hometown or at some other shopping-places in Stockholm.

1st: Yesterday, 1st of June 2019, I was at the bridge Målbron which runs between the Solna Commuter Rail station and an area with an enormously huge shopping mall. The shopping mall is only a few years old. I wonder wether anyone seriously believed that there are too few places for shopping in the city of Stockholm.

Anyway, some trade mogul felt sorry about those poor people in the Mälardal-region who had nowhere else to shop, so he hired low cost immigrant work force to stomp up that mall in an astonishing no time at all. The area was formerly reserved for extending the nearby railway shunting depot. Well, railway has to shunt somewhere else then.

The temples and churches from long gone (?) centuries were decorated in gold and marble as to make clear who is in charge. The god we believe in these days (don't try to tell me that Sweden is secularized) is called economic growth and its high priests sure know how to use cheap labour to build magnificent brainwashing temples.

Anyway, I had a good day yesterday. I came at 11, took a break at 1, 3 and 5. Wanted to stay til 8 but I was really tired so I went back to the central station at around 6.30 i believe. I was tired becaus I wasn't just sitting around, it wasn't a sit strike. I stood up, constantly calling the news to passers-by: "Thunberg is fighting real hard to get laws in place. We are the ones that can make companies earn better by no longer going around those laws." In a nut shell.

Some people stopped and talked for a while, some stone faced me, some took my flyer the second time they passed by, two teen aged boys took my flyer, and after five meters tore it up and threw it right up in the air, so I had to pick up the pieces and dispose of them (properly). Call me crazy but I kind of get new energy from that...

Some people walked by hastily commenting: 'Yeah, I'm fully on Greta's side.', some took the flyer, and said something similar as they quickly moved on. I guess many of those are the ones that think being on Greta's side is making them part of those who 'save the earth'. They will have to understand that it is not enough to think outside the box, but everyone has to act outside the box as well.

I was mostly buffeled over the fact that quite a few people whom I wanted to explain to what I fight for, did not know about Greta Thunberg and the school strikes. Well, Nobel Prize nominees, guess you can't keep track of them all...

Talked to some last kids in the commuter train while going back to the station (they, like a few others during the day, were comming up to me to ask what game I want to change, hence that banner is quite a magnet for young people). Looking forward to next Saturday (though I have to talk to my scheduler first.... )

So I'll soon update the event page on fb to make it recurrent. I'm not sure if I'll be able to strike every Saturday from 11-20, but I sincerely hope to get other people to join in soon. And just to make this clear: I don't intend to strike from my job, that's not constructive. I strike from consumerism and try to get as many with me as possible to collectively display our disgust of consumerism to those who still haven't gotten the message.

The 'refraining form shopping'-part, you do constantly, but the "gather a mob on Saturday"-part is to make the speech bubble big enough for everyone to get the message. Adults won't be able to strike from their work on fridays, that's why I chose Saturday.

Like Annie Leonard says in the Story of Stuff movie: 'Hey, we're not gonna SHOP our way out of this!'

"I decided to take a stand, not knowing if I'd lose my best friend." - John P. Kee.

"Here I stand and can do no other." - Martin Luther.

"I knew someone had to take the first step, and I made up my mind not to move." - Rosa Parks.

Problem: Will it be enough to pass laws that are good for the future? - No.

And this is why everyone shold shopping strike! Thanks StoryOfStuff Project, you are doing a heck lot of good work! Those fed up with this kind of message: start at any one of these important points.

  • 3.23 Even where WE live
  • 3.54 Our stuff on somebody else's land?
  • 4.54 Toxics in - toxics out!
  • 6.42 Reproductive age
  • 7.36 Toxics distribution
  • 8.35 Externalizing costs
  • 9.56 Other ppl pitched in for the golden arrow
  • 11.01 One percent
  • 11.32 It didn't just happen!
  • 12.30 How did they make us?
  • 14.34 Women's health is the point of ads?
  • 16.46 Who deals with disposal?
  • 18.06 What's missing in recycling?
  • 19.02 Points of intervention
  • 20.06 Local economies unrealistic?

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