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Let's do it together!

ShoppingStrikeSaturday Market crimes Fair apps Fashion by cut, not chem. What a Water Waste.

Those who dared to join Thunberg's outside-the-box initiative are the ones that make a difference. You who supports the following projects are as well. Thank you.

Are you good at visual media, singing/songwriting, or something else? You can help open people's eyes.

I have dozens of ideas on how to make a good point, and I will nt have the time to persue them all, and I'll not have the skills to make them all look or sound good.

Project Ideas Calling for Help

P: Shopping Strike Saturday

I: Followers of Thunberg's school strike initiative sit in front of the Swedish Parliament from 8 am to 3 pm every Friday and call for political leaders to implement laws that are good for the future.

As adults it is our duty to support our children with the decisions they make for their future. Support means lending them a hand where they are not yet fit to do it all by them selves. Support means also enhancing their talents with advice. My advice is: turn the game around, do not solely demand letters of law from the government, but do demand action alongside the meaning of laws by corporations. My physical help is joining the strike movement and extending it to stare corporations and their clueless victims in the eye.

I have decided to sit outside an obscenly huge shopping mall in Solna, Stockholm, from 11 am to 6 pm every Saturday from now on and call for corporations to act not only by the letter of a good law, but also by the meaning of it.

I hereby invite all shoppers and non-shoppers to join me (and punch in during those Saturdays that I actually have to be at work). Do it in your hometown or at some other shopping-places in Stockholm.

H: You can help by organizing and getting people to move their butts. I will promote this idea among my friends and hope that quite a few of them will join me this first Saturday (June 1st).

This whole page and strike project shouts out a lot of "me me me and I" and it's not supposed to be this way. I hope to be able to convert all the MEs and Is to WEs and USes very soon. I alone am no one and can not make a difference. The effect of strong wind currants under the projects wings is provided by those who chose to be the first ones supporting this and joining into actions.

I'd like to offer my friends, relatives, collegues and neighbours a shot to that before I - that is: WE - will promote this ShoppingStrikeSaturday on a larger scale from June 2nd on.

P: Market crimes

I: Crimes of the market against humanity must be prosecuted and the criminals taken to court.

I've made a start with my facebook photoalbum in the "Seriously!?"-series: "Seriously?! - Whereas everyone else talks about LESS... the managers behind these campaignes want MORE.

H: You can help by... taking, editing and publishing photos. Let's document the market crimes of the growth-era.

P: Apps are not for free! But they should be fair.

I: They may seem free from cost, but they are almost certainly not free from peeping tom activities.

I want to inform users about what they share, why it is bad to share, and to what massive amount one piece of data is spread around the globe by several dozen advertizing companies.

More importantly, I want to call for alterntives. There are already some apps you can use to protect some of your privacy, but to protect the state of citizens from the curse of the resouces (a gray-ish market branch of digging for and monetizing user data, involving real money for data miners and fictional values of investments for magnats on a power trip, only that), consumers need a sufficient and effective supply of alternative non-datamining apps. To the cost of real money from the person qho makes use of the app to the person who has developed the function that the user wants. Fair app.

H: I have made screenshots while opting out from a couple of dozens of advertizing engines. Even I have a hard time following my own screenshots. They need to be coocked down to some infographic or at least sorted and commented.

Also, many examples should be documented of how the most popular apps pull data of all kinds from you or your kids. There are articles and stuff out there addressing the issue.

The point is to draw existing insights here and fuse it with the other reflections here, their common denominator is: Power By People. We, the most ordinary people can stop a whole lot of nonsens on this planet. And also, a lot of this nonsense that is going on contributes to social inequality on the planet. Any industry or industrial topfloor where money is an accumulator for power contributes to global inequality. Let's use money as the motor it can be to make human exchange of services smooth and comparable. Fair apps!

P: Fashion by cut, not chem.

I: Why do we make so much chemotechnical efforts to produce fabrics that keep their colors or washing detergants that protect the brilliance of our clothes' colors? Wouldn't it be better to make fashion that builds on faded colors?

The fashion industry has enormous power over our will and our cravings. They put long skirts on their models - we want long skirts. They put short skirts on their models - we want short skirts. They put over-knee skirts on their models - we want over-knee skirts. They put lime green on their models - we want lime green. They put autumn red on their models - we want autumn red. They put neon pink on their models - we buy neon pink. In an aerobics class I attended in early January 2018, 59 out of 60 attendents were wearing pink, including me, although my shirt was two years old and probably the most grayish one in the room; person number 60 was the only male attendant).

What happens if they put pale blue on their models? Or the shade of white that you get after you've washed your white shirt a couple of times together with dark laundry. Two things happen: people want pale shades, and people's clothes will not change color in the laundry anymore. Both are good for people. Numer two is not good for business magnates on a power trip or for companies that ever want to grow. But it will be good for companies that want to be stable.

We could still buy clothes out of brilliant fabrics once every ten years or so and use these clothes when we go for dinner or to a wedding or the like. Maybe we will use these clothes in situations where we barely sweat, so we will not need to wash out their colors on a weekly basis, and so they can last for quite a few years. buying the lastest style should not stimulate surrounding folks to grant you any hogher level of social status; it should simply mean that you recently had a milestone birthday, which should be much more interesting to talk about than the clothes per se.

H: You can help by... not sure yet... Making good looking fashion photos with faded clothes? Designing clothes that look good by their cutting and not by their chomistry?

ASKET seems to be on the right track, for example.

P: What a Water Waste!

I: Make a short movie showing the dramativ difference between washing your hands or dishes the traditional way and the thoughtful way.

Put a big bowl in your sink. Thoughtful way: pull your tap halfway open, wet your hands, close tap, knead hands in soap, open tap half way, rinse hands, close tap, dry hands. How much water in the bowl?

Put the same bowl in your sink. Traditional way: be too lazy to adjust the movement of your hands to stop halfway but pull your tap fully open, wet your hands, be too lazy to close tap, knead hands in soap, be too ignorant thinking about the accoustic inconvenience for your ears or people chatting around you, rinse hands, still be too focused on your own precious goal instead of running water tap, dry hands, NOW close tap. How much water in the bowl? Did it flow over?

H: You can help by: Making this movie. Many people don't want to read, they want to share stuff on You Tube.

I wonder if people from contries like Peru - where you get your daily share of water by walking a mile and fetching a bucket full from the local well - would like to act in at the end of the movie by saying thanks or showing thumbs up (collage of like a hundre or so different small photos of just the up thumb?), or a collage of thumbs of local senior citizens who thank you for saving tax money in your community that can be better spent on their well being?

This will soon go on a page that gathers related links.

Here comes an appeal from stopisds.org to sign their petition.

Here are links to some companies that seem to be on the right track: