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Deliberately Asked Questions

Q: If this is not a climate strike, then what is it?

A: Facts in global or even national contexts tend to be a sallad of figures and graphs that everyone serves to their own liking. How could a single individual or Millions of individuals possibly know what is true? The layout of this planet will change, manmade or not, it doesn't really matter, deadly or not, it doesn't matter, it will change, because it has been changing ever since the birth of this planet.

The current social situation on this planet will make it very hard for groups of people - based on ethical origin, or based on way of living (farming, tech, admin, mining, whatever) - to agree who will live where and with whom and in what way, if not at this point we make a sincere effort to work together and put individual winnings second instead of first.

Hence, no, this is not a climate manifesto. It is en exercise for peaceful living.

Fakta i det här sammanhanget är en sallad man anrättar efter sin egen smak tydligen. Det spelar inte heller någon roll om människan förändrar klimatet eller om det ändras av sig självt, men det kommer att ändras. Dödligt eller inte spelar ingen roll, det kommer att ändras, för det har alltid ändrats sedan planetens födelse. Som det sociala läget i världen är nu så kommer vi få väldigt svårt att samarbeta när huset renoveras och planlösningen ändras. Jag vill att folk börjar öva på att sätta individen på andra plats, inte på första. Det här är ingen klimatkampanj. Det är en fredskampanj.

Q: How does one holiday strike and to what intent?

A: You let go of your holiday or some other thing that is valuable yet not essentioal to your survival. The goal is to practice to not only in words but also in deeds question the standard of living that we have. To show you this possibility and to pinpoint how urgent this is, I give up my holiday experience (Iceland), the money it cost me, the time (since I spend my days of work permit working on this campaigne). Personally I give up even one more thing which, however, not should be subject to discussion other than between me and the one it concerns. In total, it's a high price, but nothing less could express the urgency to start immediately and to start in a stunning huge scale.

Man strejkar från sin semestertid eller ger upp något annat som är värdefullt men inte livsviktigt för att öva på att inte bara i ord utan även i handlingt ifrågasätta den levnadsstandard vi har. För att visa möjligheten och hur angeläget det är så ger jag upp både min semesterupplevelse (Island), de pengar den kostat, och tiden (eftersom jag lägger tiden på att torgföra nödvändigheten av en sådan övning). Jag ger även upp en fjärde sak som jag dock inte vill diskutera här utan bara med den det berör, men de flesta förstår nog vad det är. Summa summarum, det är ett högt pris, men inget mindre kan uttrycka hur angeläget det är att börja genast och att börja i en överrumplande stor skala.

Q: Are you saying we shouldn't fly or eat meat anymore?

A: The critical aspect lies in "anymore". I don't believe in forbidding airtraffic or meat consumption. I just hope that people will value it a little more and use it with responsibility. When we went by horse and waggon, it was tedious to move around. Railways have made it A LOT easier and faster and cars have filled in the gap for those that need a last mile solution or whose route simply is not covered by railway.

These means of traffic have made it possible to get medical care, higher education, a job to support you, things that were impossible for the lot during the horse-and-waggon-era, and the lack of whose also kept many people imprisoned in poverty. Aeroplanes don't contribute anything to these crucial opportunities, they are just taking this to a level of excess. Why shouldn't flying to Thailand be a luxury worth paying and waiting for, something that not everyone will do in their lives? Why do we treat it as a human right to see such a far off place not once but several times in our lives? Why do we treat it as a human right to spend our do-nothing-just-relax-time at a sandy beach far off instead of at a grassy beach nearby?

Do your descendants a favour and think twice about these things. And don't throw this at me, as though it were an argument: "So you want our living standard to decrease??" Throw it right back at yourself, because this is exactly what we need to do.

Q: Is it not better to give the money to charity?

A: I've been giving a lot of money to charity over the years (and still do). This is not about patching a broken system with charity anymore. Someone needs to start getting to the roots of the problems that demand charity today.

Money is at all not involved in that. Power is. Buisiness and political leaders on a powertrip are the root issue. Start taking the power away from these people. You won't do it by donating money to only medicate the wounds they cause.

Besides, the money for my trip to Iceland was already paid. If you wish to donate to charity, that's great. But if, at the same time, you continue to pay less for more stuff, you are not solving the problem. The refraining-part is essential here. You can refrain from something before you pay it, and then give the corresponding amount of money to charity. That's fine as long as you are sure for yourself that you will not take another heap of your money and buy anyway what you tried to refrain from.

The refraining-part IS essential. It was called fasting in the old days and had a crucial function for keeping society on top of hunger. So it is today, in many religions; and you may see religion as just a category of lifestyles if you don't consent with the spiritual aspects of it. When markets were local, every society fasted for their own good. Now that markets and engineering impacts are global, we need to fast for each other's good.

Q: Growth means jobs in poorer countries!?

A: Mankind has all the written texts of the world at their fingertips in a seven inch gadget in their pockets. And we fly to the moon! I'm totally convinced that mankind can come up with better ways to create jobs than to fill the planet with rubbish. My windows need painting, for example. School needs more teachers. We'll certainly not run out of chores. It's just a question of which chores are relevant paying for, as compared to chores that are just fun to pay for.

Q: How did I get around these days to the places I've been?

A: If you must know: Bicycle, bus, train, and *****drum-roll***** on foot!