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What's this about?

I am currently working on spreading this campaigne. From the start on May 21st is was not very organized, but I have until May 28th to work on it 100% of my time, then my vacation is over and I need to get back to work. But I will continue to work with getting people to see their own possibilities to influence global justice and climate coping.

With that first week being a kick-start in terms of in- and output to and from friends and strangers in real life and on social media, I have quickly shifted focus from striking from your holiday to striking from shopping. There are two reflections about this:

  • first, it is not the only purpose that the striking person refrains from shopping, but I hope that the striking person will get others to join and eventually undermine the market's interest in maximizing sales.
  • Second, every-day shopping is not the only thing where end-consumers must step out, so, the holiday-idea was not a bad one. The word can symbolize luxury goods and overflow of commodities in general and I definitely want to appeal to people's attitude in all corners of life, not just at the shopping mall.

Here's how it started

Info that I sent to the press:

I'd hereby like to inform the public that I refrain from an already booked and paid vaccation, and furthermore that I intend to spend my already granted days of work permit at the airport of Stockholm Arlanda, challenging other travellers to do the same. My goal is to inspire individuals to find the courage to steer their actions outside conventional patterns of behaviour, a skill that is needed to make the change in society that this planet needs.

Flyer that I had printed:

Clear for take-off?

I was about to fly to Iceland with my best friend on a trip we’ve dreamed about since our highschool days. Passport, tickets, accomodation and expeditions, all fixed, booked and paid.

Right here at the check-in counter, I choose to pass, in order to make a point. To everyone. To politicians, companies, fellow citizens and future generations.

We live like the absolutistic rulers of the 17th century: We get anything we point at. We take anything we can get, without thinking. There is nothing left to treasure.

We’ve got to get our feet back on the ground. Your own self is the one you can bring to action out of your own free will and without discussion. Stop talking. Clear for take-off!

Show leaders (politicians and companies) that you (citizen) are ready to refrain. Let them understand that you are willing to pay a sustainable price for goods and services, even if it means consuming fewer goods and services. Let them know that you are willing to vote on creative solutions even if they are unpleasant. Show to generations to come that society is the sum of all actions that each of us chooses to take.

If you can choose not to put your foot on that plane today, use this golden opportunity to experience how it feels to move a mountain.

First week diary

May, 30th, Socks-thingy finally discarded, replaced by ShoppingStrikeSaturday

Did more graphics, facebook updates, got some Twitter followers and starting to really reach out to people. No one yet to join me on Saturday, but this I am dead stone confident, many people will join in eventually. Here's one last glimpse of the Socks-idea. One friend tied a sock there, and when I went there it was removed, just like the two socks I tied there before. They were my own (turquoise) and my neighbor's (black) sock, and the two single socks I have left over I might just wear together for symbolic reasons whenever there is an activity initiated by me.


Maybe it is impossible for you to step back from your flight today. Maybe you are on your way home, not on your way out? Maybe it is not for you to decide whether to skip a business meeting?

If you'd like to sympathize with this manifesto anyway, take one or both of your socks off and tie them on the others' socks to show a sign. I came up with the thought when a friend of mine suggested I sacrifice something less valuable than a friendship, such as a pair of socks maybe.


Tie your sock at the "Spottkoppen" at Stockholm Central Station, or let me know if I should post any other place where you would like to start a sock-collection.

May, 27th more graphics and shopping strike

Back at the jumbo stay at Arlanda. Outlining some new graphic, see picture. If you want to help me with that, please contact me, graphics takes time. This one is meant to be a circle with three parts: the law/government, citizens and corporations. The law might be visualized by a paragraph-symbol, citizens are visualized by two human-symbols, maybe holding hands, Corporations, or better yet: the true powerholders are symbolized by a mash-up of a few of the most powerful corporations' icons (note that the droid's eyes make the fruit worm-eaten, instead of human-eaten, I really liked that special twist). Then, the idea is that one of the humans has a talk-bubble with a voting card symbol, directed at the law/gvt; whereas the other human has a talkbubble with a dollar symbol directed at the corporation. Then, by arrows I want to symbolize that demanding laws that put restrictions on companies are good, but we need to demand the other direction as well by cutting our dollarstream to the powerholders.

Also, I came up with this Shopping Strike Saturday thing. Since the idea of giving up one's already paid holiday is, indeed, a bit confusing, I figure I will move a lot more people to action by asking them to actually sit and strike in front of a shopping mall. Thunberg sits in front of the Swedish government every friday, and demaning laws is good. But as long as corporations only follow the law by the letter they will continue business as usual with their lawyers finding ways through the forest of letters. Adults like you and me must actually demand from companies that they start acting by the meaning of the law as well.

Hence I have come to the conclusion that I will sit nearby a huge, modern shopping mall in Solna, Stockholm, every (other) Saturday from now on. (I work about every other or every third Saturday, but I hope other people will punch in). I am deeply grateful for having picked the right father for my kids, he will make this possible for me. Thank you, honey!

The FridaysForFuture movement is historic I believe. I felt that just sympathy-striking from work is not the right thing to do, it is sort of counter productive and will never change our hearts towards a different view of what matters in life. I wanted to show that action is urgent and important and must be selfless. I have been working on sorting out my thoughts and points during the week. I could never have done it this focused if I hadn't let down my best friend. I never get things done, and grand plans usually die very quickly when I come to the point where I am not completly satisfied with my work. But this time, I had to publish a diary, no matter how bad the spelling is in some places, I had to print flyers immediately, I had to push out a facebook page and a home page and so on, or else I would have let down my friend for a failed project. Dear friend, I have not failed you. I have hurt you deeply, but I never failed you. Love you forever!

May, 27th Business card

Staying at the hostel tonight again. My friend will land tomorrow. Sort of during baggage claim I'll consider my week of holiday strike over. But the idea will live on and I'll won't rest for some time yet.

Trying to get a batch of business cards today, if possible, which I like to distribute at the airport this evening. Haven't heard from the advertizing company I contacted for graphics, so I had to do this myself. Satisfied, but it took time.

May, 26th, 09.36: taking shape, getting response!

Started an album series on fb, called "Seriously?!" First out is the album: "Seriously!? - While everyone talks about LESS...", showing the deeds of managers trying to maximize their winnings. If you can recognize your own work in this: open your eyes, stop being a fellow traveller with these managers. Use your creative skills for something more relevant to the world's citizens. Check it out on fb!

May, 25th 19.52 fb-page, plans

Got a fb-page, please visit it, like it, follow it and leave a comment.

Planning on printing business cards (or better, flyers in business-card size), since they are probably seen as advertisment and not as political message and hence feel more legitimate to hand out to passers-by anywhere, even in security zones. I'm not taking for granted that it actually IS legitimate. By no means do I intend to crap down the airport or any other place. But I guess chances for people to actually put it in their pockets instead of throwing it away are bigger if it matches business-style and fits in their wallets.

Sent an updated letter of intent to the press.

May, 25th 12.31 Time to get some pictures on this page

Came up with this diagram to visualize what's going on. Still not visualizing the point in letting go of something that cost you a lot, still working on that. Contacted an advertizing company to make me an offer for a professional graphic. Have not yet hear from the staff at Arlanda concerning my application to get permission to distribute flyers.

Also, if you like, you may view my tickets here. I really wanted to go on the trip, I had everything planned and booked, AND PAID. My friend found someone else to travel with, so, the actual chair and beds are not empty, but I have absolutly no intention of getting any money back. I have totally refrained from the whole lot: experience AND financial value.

The name of my friend is blocked out in all documents, please show responsibility by not trying to resolve it by any means. Confirmation from travel agency, Flight tickets, Vouchers for accommodation, rent a car, riding tours, Blue Lagoon admission.

Sincerely from the hostel at Arlanda, Annette.

May, 25th 10.22, at the hostel

Met a school class from South England at the hostel and shared my story with their teachers. Feeling confident that there are a lot of people out there really ready to listen and that understand my point, that we are part of the solution, and we have to practice slowing down.

May, 24th 20.32

Went to the global school strike with, among others, Greta Thunberg in Stockholm. The demoprocession was loooooooong, mark my word. Many adults had also joined. I tried to hand my fliers to folks, first to like anyone, but focussing on mediafolks with cameras and microphones. Got a word with SVT, swedish public service TV, not on camera, just face to face. Did not deliver to pupils and kids, since I'm not sure at this point whether it would be okay. I would need more confirmation from grown-ups before I would suggest to kids to take this idea to their parents. It shouldn't be me influencing the kids, but instead, just giving the kids my webaddress to ask their parents to check it out and then decide as a family.

As time went by, I handed fliers to passers-by during the procession, and I guess many people really started thinking, since they saw that the kids' anxiety was for real. Tried to get people to join in the choruses in Kungsträdgården, so that not only the crowd around the scene would shout, but also passers-by. I tried, and I think, a few were touched by it, although they all looked like national football players not knowing the words of their own hymn.

Back at the hostel now. Not sure if I'm going to book another night.

May, 23rd, 21.12: Back at E-tuna for a change of clothes

Working all day on publicity. No room at the jumbo tonight, it was all booked out. But I have the room booked and paid again for tomorrow night. Went home to Eskilstuna by lunch to change clothes and fix some other stuff. Tomorrow attending #fridaysforfuture global school strike in Stockholm, hoping to make lots of helpful contacts.

Started to translate from the bottom, intend to get to here soon

May, 22nd, 22.34 applied for permission

Har under dagen fortsatt att försöka ansöka om tillstånd för att dela ut flygbladen, utan vidare framgång. Förmodligen kommer jag ändå att ha mer framgång med mina flygblad i nära anslutning till flygplatsen, istället för framme vid terminalen, dvs jag kommer att planera utdelning utanför diverse hotell vars geografiska läge inte är inom skyddszonen.

Har även blivit aktiv på twitter med taggarna #semesterstrejk och #holidaystrike samt skaffat domänen holidaystrike.eu. Har fortsatt att informera diverse instanser om min strejk samt
bett om hjälp
med att uttrycka i tydliga ordalag vad jag egetnligen vill åstadkomma. Det är svårt att vara begriplig. En sak jag har kommit på är att jag nog måste prata om ansträngningen att göra något först och därefter, när man fått mottagaren av budskapet att instämma i att alla måste hjälpa till, DÅ kan jag kläcka uppmaningen att markera genom att hoppa över resan. Men det är fortfarande svårt att få fram det på bara någon enstaka mening. Need to hire some creative mind at an advertising company to get down my point in a concise sentence.

Fortsätter att arbeta på en engelsk version av informationen på hemsidan, så att man kan följa förloppet internationellt också. Jag tror att jag någonstans i världen kan fiska upp folk som håller med mig. Det är inte dessa som behöver öva på att stå över, men de kanske kan ge mig vind under vingarna.

May, 22nd, 10.59: discussion with traveller from Canada

Har haft ett trevligt samtal med en resenär igår kväll där jag prövade mina vingar. Han var på väg tillbaka till Kanada och han hävdade å det bestämdaste att jag inte ville ha hans hemska strumpa.

Det växer fram mer och mer vad jag egentligen vill med den här aktionen. Det är att folk ska ta mod till sig och bryta sig ur egennyttans kontroll över ens handlingar.

Men det är fortfarande väldigt svårt att formulera det kort och begripligt för folk som får det på sig ur klar himmel. Jag är inte fullt redo att börja dela ut mina flygblad i stor skala, men det börjar närma sig. Har även fått hälp av en vän med att fixa en t-shirt med min webbadress. Kommer under dagen.

Har fixat en twitterhashtag #semesterstrejk

Läser i DagensETC om en global skolstrejk på fredag, och att man hoppas på att få vuxna att vara med och strejka den 27/9. Bra så. Men något litet känner jag att en dags strejk är en bra markering men med endast lite uppoffring. Svårt att förklara detta, men en 'vanlig' strejk där man alltså låter bli att fullfölja en plikt (skola, arbete) är en sak. Blir det tillräckligt många som strejkar från sina jobb så lär väl även företagen behöva lyssna så småningom. Men problemet kvarstår en sådan strejk bara visar vad vi VILL, inte vad vi är beredda att GE. En strejk där man avstår från ett rent nöje är något annat. Båda varianter behövs definitivt. Mera skolstrejk, det är bra! Och, ja, jag är vuxen och jag är gärna med och strejkar!

May, 21st, 20.56: at Sky City, Arlanda, brainstorming

Sitting at sky city, trying to come up with a good pick-up-line or some good explanations to get adrenalin-high holiday-travellers to catch my point. Here is some brainstorming.

  • It's about cracking out of the idea that personal winnings are top priority.
  • Resist the almost irresistable attraction of doing what is most conventional
  • Challange system faults by making non-conventional choices, to create a better system
  • To clearly show our readiness for effort
  • Appeal to the POWER BY THE PEOPLE.
  • System courage

Organized some ground service proviging med with a t-shirt with the word "Semesterstrejk" tomorrow. Also got rid of the troublesome internetaddress nobispacem.se. Can now use semesterstrejk.se

May, 21st, 18.54: tired.

Could not get a room for several nights at jumbo stay or at radisson sky city. Staying at jumbo tonight, let's see where I'll end up tomorrow. I may hang at the airport, but not sleep there. But I should also have an errand. I filed an application of permission.

It is very tiring to get engaged in stuff. Been tired all week, been working til late at night to send some informative text to the press. Been sleeping anhour or so at the jumbo room, and soon taking a bus to the airport again

May, 21st, 14.51: Airport Managers

Had a nice conversation with two Duty Airport Managers. They had read the information sent by me to info@arlanda...

I got to know (which I had not reflected upon before, but which is totally logic) that the airport is a security area all together, so I have to be restrictive on taking photos or shooting videos.

If I distribute flyers, it has to be outside the buildings.

I'm actually not even allowed to be at the airport without an errand, such as flying or working. When I asked more specifically what counts as an errand, the told me not to try to exploit those definitions, so I immediately closed the subject, since it is not my goal to use the conversation for persuasion.

Since I'm also not allowed to "disturb" travellers or those working, I did not aks them as private people to reflect after work, what errand could be a possible errand for me

The next step will be to use my time for getting a permit to acutllay distribute flyers, so that I don't risk getting thrown out if someone gets something wrong. I am positive that it is not essential to have started a perfect campaigne exaktly at 13 o'clock today, but that the whole manifesto can be organized during the time my strike is on so that it can grow.

This lockscreen has been following me for a couple of days. Dun know where it is, but it looks kind of Icelandic. Salt in my woulds. Pic updated May 25th

May, 21st, 13.48: Departure Time!

Outside Terminal 5, manually writing my contact information on my flyers, which I forgot prior to printing. Sending a thought to my friend who sits on the plane with some other mate. Reactions from friends are so far positive (except the one on the plane, she is deeply shaken). Have not yet started to distribute my fliers, guess I'll start within an hour.